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PU library book club organizes ‘Meet the Author’
PU library book club organizes ‘Meet the Author’

LAHORE: (Friday, May 17, 2024): Punjab University Library Book club organized an event titled “Meet the Author” in its auditorium in which two distinguished authors, Dr Muhammad Ahsan Rana and Prof Dr Nasir Abbas Nayyar presented their insightful works. Associate Professor of Social Policy from LUMS Dr Muhammad Ahsan Rana discussed his book ‘Hain Kawakib Kuch’ focusing on Welfare Capitalism and its implications for Pakistan's economy and society. Prof Dr Nasir Abbas Nayyar from Institute of Urdu Language & Literature presented his book titled "Coloniality, Modernity and Urdu Literature". He underscored the indispensable role of colonial modernity in shaping the trajectory of modern Urdu literature, navigating through its engagement with colonial legacies and the multifaceted nature of modernity. Punjab University Chief Librarian Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani extended his gratitude to the authors for sharing their expertise and enriching the academic experience for all attendees.